A new vision for flow cytometry

Specialised flow cytometry laboratories today are facing several challenges: the number of requests and the complexity of the analyses are increasing, while at the same time, the requirements for documentation are growing, and achieving the required traceability of reagents and processes is a complicated feat. To add to this, the number of skilled staff and resources is declining.  

Many laboratories are looking for ways to improve efficiency to sustainably continue to provide their services.  

Building on our experience in helping clinical laboratories in the areas of haematology, haemostasis and urinalysis – by adding automation to increase productivity, and innovative analysis capabilities to enhance diagnostic quality – we have now embarked on a journey to address the needs of clinical flow cytometry laboratories. 

Combining our competence in diagnostics and workflow optimisation, our vision is to create an integrated clinical flow cytometry analysis system that helps increase the workflow efficiency of flow cytometry laboratories, allowing you to deliver your services with confidence in the results.  

This vision of intelligent automation for a new level of workflow efficiency has started to become reality, while there’s still more to come.  

Thoughtful automation for a new level of workflow efficiency

Discover a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges posed by increasing demands for testing and documentation under declining skilled staff and resources.

  • PS-10 sample preparation system 
    The programmable PS-10 automates sample preparation steps to match your SOPs, adding increased efficiency and standardisation for complex and routine flow cytometry applications 

  • Automated cell washing system 
    The Hettich Rotolavit II-S cell wash centrifuge automatically carries out the routine washing steps when preparing samples for flow cytometry 

  • XF-1600 flow cytometer 
    The award-winning Silent Design of the XN-Series set the standard for the development of this 10-colour flow cytometer for highest-level clinical requirements 

  • Antibody and reagent portfolio 
    A broad choice of high-quality Sysmex CyFlow™ CE IVD and RUO antibody reagents to create the perfect panel for your diagnostic needs, plus a selection of lyse, fix and permeabilisation reagents, and instrument set-up and maintenance reagents 

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